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Dialer is a small program allowing user to access premium content without credit card. First question usually is, why bother? Why not to let surfer just pay with his credit card as it's usually done? There are several answers to that question:

1. Not all surfers have credit cards, and with dialer you could get some return from the part of your traffic consisting of the countries where credit cards are not that common.

2. Dialer is easy to install (that's done automatically in fact, no user intervention is required), and using is much easier and faster for surfer than making regular credit card subscription, as he doesn't need to fill in his credit card details and address. Thus dialer could be used to convert shitty traffic which you could not hope to convert decently on the paysite, but have tons of it. It's often more profitable to have 10 calls from 5K traffic, 5 minutes each, than have one signup on the paysite from the same 5K of traffic.

3. Using dialer is more expensive for surfer, as he pays for every minute spent online, and thus more profitable for you (provided that the user spent enough time online).

Second question webmasters not familiar with dialers are usually asking is, what type of traffic will suit better for the dialers? Most common answer is - the harder time you have converting some particular type of your traffic on the paysites, the better you'll be off using the dialer. There is no sense offering dialer to the SE, AVS or LL traffic, as it could be converted well on the paysites, and you'll have more revenues from credit card subscriptions than from dialer-generated minutes. Webmasters most often use dialers to convert CJ or TOP sites traffic since local surfers rarely seek to subscribe to some good paysite, all they want is to find something free. Dialer will help you to make some buck from them after all. Same is true for TGP traffic, but TGP owners rarely allow webmasters to promote dialers.

When using the dialer your profits depend on the time user spent online, the more the better. When planning your advertising strategy remember that AHT (average holding time) depends on whether the contents inside the members zone match surfer's expectations, and whether he is prepared to what awaits him after the call. Speaking about our dialer in particular that means you need to make sure that foot fetish part of your traffic gets foot-oriented dialer, pantyhose traffic gets pantyhose dialer etc. Also better show surfer FPA before offering dialer so he'll be ready and expecting. If you just offer him dialer without any explanations what it is, you may just hope afterwards that he'll call and find something interesting inside, and generate you some minutes. But usually if your surfers are not aware what to expect after the call your AHT will suffer.

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