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FAQs ver.26.04.2005

1. What are my linking codes?

Replace RevSharerID with your actual ID and sitename with actual site’s name:

Trials disabled:

Trials enabled:

2. What is my share from sales?

You get 50% from all initial sales and 50% from every consequent rebill.

3. What are your payment options?

While signing up you can choose how to get paid - by CCBill directly or by our program. If you go CCBill you'll get paid according to however shedule CCBill has at the moment. If you want to get paid by ferrocash we'll be sending you payments ourselves, through either epassporte.com or fethard.biz

When you get paid by program minimum payout is $300. After you reached a minimum for the first time you need to send us a payment request along with your either epassporte or fethard account ID. After the first payment no more requests will be necessary, all payments will be sent to you automatically.

4. What billing companies do you use?

Currently we use CCBill as our main processing company. We plan on adding other billing companies to our cascade as soon as we have contracts and scripts ready.

We reserve the right to add and remove billing companies from our cascade at any time at our sole discretion. We always pay you for all sales, no matter what billing company it was processed through.

5. How often do you send payments?

If you choose to get paid by CCBill you'll get paid according to however shedule CCBill has at the moment.

If you choose to get paid by program we'll send payouts monthly, usually at around 20th of every month for previous month's earnings.

6. How do you track sales?

To make sure every sale you sent gets credited to you we use the combination of two methods: we set cookie to surfers’s PC that contains your RevSharerID; and also keep your ID within browser’s address line in case surfer has his cookies turned off.

That means no matter what any sale you sent gets credited to you, one way or the other. There is no difference which operating system is set on surfer’s computer and if he has his cookies turned off or on - our system preserves your RevSharerID and tracks all the sales you sent.

7. How can I make sure you’re not shaving my sales?

There is one simple method to make sure your sales are not getting lost – click your webmaster link to any of our sites, then click through to the join page and view it’s source code. If RevSharerID field is filled with your actual ID that means your sale cannot be lost from this point.

To double check that all sales will be credited to you click any of the join buttons and find RevSharerID field within billing company's join page source code. If your actual ID is there it is 100% guarantee your sale will be credited to your account.

8. You use exit consoles on your sites. Do I get sales from them?

Yes, you get credited for all exit sales. Linking code we set on our exit consoles preserves webmasters referrals (you can make sure you’re not loosing sales on exit using the same method as mentioned above – click any link to any site on the exit console and click it through to the join page, then look if your RevSharerID is in the source code).

Clicks from exit consoles appear in our stats as a following links:


Note: to get exit consoles turned off for your account please contact our support staff to arrange that.






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