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  • 50/50 parntership
  • $150 webmaster referral
  • pantyhose/nylon/strapon
  • shemale/mature/lesbian
  • anal/foot-fetish/gay
  • and other niches
26.02.2014 Four pantyhose sites were completely redesigned: ePantyhoseLand, PantyhoseLine, NylonFeetLine, Pantyhose1.


We also preparet new set of banners for each of the redesigned sites, you can grab them in our webmasters section and start promoting this new fresh look right now.
28.12.2012 Several more sites were completely redesigned:


Fresh banners are already available and can be found here: http://www.ferrocash.com/members/newstats/banners.shtml
28.06.2012 GFY member AdultKing has started a site that exposes shady activity that is going on at file locker sites, who allow users to upload anything to their sites and sell premium memberships through Paypal or VISA/MC. They also reward uploaders for downloads and selling of premium memberships which provides an incentive to upload those files that can provide high download count. Those files are not merely infringing on copyrights, including those of the adult industry copyright holders. There are things far worse than that being "shared" at illegal file locker sites, such as CP and many other types of illegal pornography including necro, scat, beastiality, rape etc. All of those files can be downloaded using premium memberships sold via Paypal and VISA/MC. Coldcopy website brings those shady practices to light:


You can help fighting illegal filehosts by posting links to this project at your sits, reposting articles at your blogs, making mirrors etc. Whatever you can do - do it. The more traffic and exposure this site gets, the better. It can really make the difference for all of us as there are signs that Paypal and VISA/MC are already worried and they may pull processing for illegal cyberlockers sites altogether. That will not only stop the most offensive practices such as distributing CP and illegal porn, that will stop illegal distribution of stolen adult content too, which is killing sales for legit adult industry.

Spread the links. Spread the word. Help the fight.

P.S. Coldcopy is getting DDOSed constantly - obviously filehosts and their cronies do not want the truth about them exposed. If the site doesn't load, bookmark it and visit later. Or check mirror site.
08.06.2012 Our entire network of paysites has been switched to the new format, featuring streaming video, search, models index and many other useful options for our members. This new members area design is aimed to increase convenience of our subscribers, and our retention rates as a result.
29.05.2012 Four pantyhose sites have been completely redesigned:

New banners are ready too and available for our registered webmasters:
04.02.2012 Fresh banners for recently redesigned strapon sites have been added to our promo tools, check Banners section in your stats menu.
18.12.2011 We completely redesinged our entire strapon product line of sites:


New designs all features movie samples, lots of screenshots and thumbnail previews from photos, and generally look much better and more modern than the old ones.

Member zones were completely rebuilt too and now feature streaming videos, search, models index, good descriptions and ratings, and of course top quality all exclusive content produced by our own studio.

More redesigns will follow soon, and we'll also keep switching member zones of other sites to the new format as soon as they're ready.
28.07.2011 Paxum is now available as a payment option, to submit your account ID visit Account section in our admin panel.
09.03.2011 New promo tool launch POTD/MOTD to use at your blogs and other types of sites. You can check those new promo pages here:
22.11.2010 Payments through epsbanking are going out each week this month, to catch up with those webmasters who got their accounts opened recently. The last payment in October will be sent on the next Friday (29.10.2010), and begining November 1st payouts will go back to a usual monthly shedule. If you haven't submitted your epsbanking ID yet, please do it now.

Switching to CCBill payouts is still a recommended payment option, as CCBill looks as about the only really reliable payment solution nowadays. For switching instructions please consult the Account link in your stats.

The remaining balance could be sent to you by check, wire (for larger amounts), or through webmoney. We're working on adding more payment options for those switching to CCBill payouts, they'll be announced as soon as they're available.
24.09.2010 A brief statement regarding epassporte/payments.

1. All payments to epassporte accounts have been suspended until situation is resolved.

2. Alternative payment option will be epsbanking.com, if you do not have an account there you can open one now, it’s fast and easy.

3. The best and highly recommended payment option is to switch your account to CCBill payouts – that can be done seamlessly, no changing of linking codes or anything else required on your part. CCBill sends payments weekly, one combined payment for all of your CCBill sponsors accounts, with very low minimum payout threshold.

To switch your account to CCBill payouts please visit this link:
and create your CCBill ID for our program. When done send your newly created CCBill ID to us using this contact form:
Your account will be switched within 24 hours.

4. You can get wires or checks from CCBill directly to your epsbanking.com account, so if you have it you don’t actually need to get paid by us. Unlike epassporte, epsbanking.com is able to receive payments from CCBill directly.
25.07.2010 New promo tools have been added:
1. Hosted FLV clips.
2. Embeded FLV clips.
3. XML feeds for hosted and embedded FLV clips.
4. FLV and FHG dumps for mass importing of galleries and clips.
17.12.2009 All of our video galleries were switched to the new flash streaming format, for links please visit this url:


All other (non-video) galleries were switched to the new format too, which has much richer advertising and is equipped with several viral opportunities.

Hosted and embedded FLVs will be available shortly.
30.09.2009 New join pages are now live and active at all sites – all join pages are now made in the spirit of the FerroNetwork brand, and represent not only one particular site but the entire network too, have clickable link to all of the other sites sorted by niche. This new approach proved to work surprisingly well - many of you are already seeing additional signups from the new join pages, conversion rates of the direct sales with the new join pages is much better too.

Also landing page was updated and is now more focused on promoting our entire network and FerroNetwork.com flagship site – we recommend using this new version instead of the old one as it proved to be even more effective. As always, landing page could be used wherever you need to something for the traffic you’re either loosing or unable to convert.

Download new landing page here:
02.08.2009 Normal hosted galleries updates have resumed, you can log in and download two months worth of fresh galleries. From now on new galleries will be posted at usual shedule, once a week on Mondays.
30.07.2009 RSS feeds and hosted blogs were fully restored and are now running as usual. Hosted galleries updates will resume withing several days.
27.06.2009 Recovery took longer that expected, but stats are finally back, you can check your statistics in the admin zone. Clicks for May 2009 were not imported yet - if you see any problems with your reports besides this one please contact us and let us know, we'll do our best to address the problem asap.

Promo tools will be activated one by one during the next week.

If you're unable to login please contact us and provide the following:

1. Your FerroCash ID/password.
2. Date when your account was registered (approximately).
3. List of all aliases (if you don't have them leave this field blank).
4. Pay type for your account (by FerroCash or by CCBill, if by CCBill
please provide your CCBill ID).
09.06.2009 All program sites are up and running, sales are back to normal. Clicks and signups are all counted and stored in the database - please rest assured that you get credited for your sales as usual. We'll need several more days to bring stats back, when they're online your full stats for the past days will be available in the usual manner. If you work through CCBill, you can check your sales at their server.

Any new information will be immediatly posted in the news.
06.06.2009 About half of our sites are back online, the rest will be online within the next 24 hours. All clicks and sales are counted and stored in the database, but not available through webmasters stats at the moment - we need several more days to get stats back on track. Those of you who get paid by CCBill, you can check your sales at their server.

Member zones, free host and all promos are working as usual, they were not affected.

We expect things to go back to normal within 1 week from now max.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
04.06.2009 hosting company that was hosting our main stats server abruptly shut down, which resulted in about 48 hours downtime. We're working on recovering data from backup, your clicks stats will not be complete until we're finished.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience, more news will follow shortly.
20.05.2009 New promo tool launched - hosted reviews.

Hosted reviews have proven to be one of the most effective ways of filtering your traffic - they increase surfer's awareness about the product and show them the entire network and what's available in it, increasing the chances of them signing up somewhere a great deal. We recommend using our hosted review in any of your advertising schemes.

Also new network site has been launched today - FerroNetwork.com

FerroNetwork is going to be our flagship brand in the upcoming years and this site has a big future, but we do not recommend sending massive amounts of traffic to it right now as it is unlikely to sell just out of the box. Wait until the new promo materials specially made for it will appear in the admin area (that will be withing 1-2 months from now).
24.04.2009 Page peels have been added to the list of our promo tools - there are 2 of them available for every site. Page peels are great for generating more traffic to a sponsor site, use them whenever you need to improve your clickthrough.

Check sample page peels: Sample 1, Sample 2
19.03.2009 Official blog laucnhed

You can now link to our official blog and get credited for all sales generated from your traffic. For linking codes consult RSS Feeds section.
18.02.2009 New site just released, MomsGiveAss.com

Excellent addition to our growing families of anal and mature sites, MomsGiveAss.com fits perfectly into both mature and anal niche, you can safely promote it on both types of traffic sources. Ultra hot anal loving super moms we shot for this site will surely convince your surfers to part with some of their hard earned cash, and help making your bank account bigger and fatter. All promo tools are already added to the webmasters admin area, login to grab them.
04.02.2009 New site just launched, HornyOldGents.com

Our first but surely not the last new site launch for the new 2009 year, HornyOldGents.com is a video site featuring young women having sex with older men. Those of you who have old&young traffic and already made bank with GirlsForOldmen.com, HornyOldGents.com is going to be your another cash cow for years to come. Reserve good places at your sites and develop long term promotional strategies, your efforts will surely pay off with great sales for a long period of time. Also this site can be a great addition to general porn sites (CJs, blogs etc) where it proved to convert well.
22.01.2009 We're starting beta tests of our RSS feeds, for links visit our admin area. If you have suggestions about improvements, new features, found bugs etc feel free to e-mail us.
16.12.2008 New site added to the program, LacyNylons.com

2008 is going to be history soon, and as the last release in this year we prepared the real gem for you – new softcore erotic nylon site LacyNylons.com. Add links to it to your nylon traffic sources asap, there’s still plenty of time left to make up for your Christmas shopping losses with our beautiful new site featuring beautiful ladies in sexy nylons and stockings.
05.12.2008 New site just launched, AnalScreen.com

AnalScreen.com is the next addition to our new but already very successful family of anal sites. Site focuses on anal sex videos, shot in our usual sensual and erotic manner that many surfers value so much since it’s really unique in our world of rude, dumb, tasteless and unprofessional porn. You can safely add AnalSreen.com to your anal traffic sources, great cash flow to your account is guaranteed. All necessary promo tools are already in place, don’t waste your time and start promoting our excellent new site right now.
18.11.2008 New site just released, PantyhoseJobs.com

Finally, there is a new pantyhose site added to the program. Those of you who have waited for more than a year to feed something fresh and cool to your pantyhose traffic, rejoice! PantyhoseJobs.com is really hardcore pantyhose fetish site where the things they do with pantyhose are beyond any imagination. Site’s content is all video, the whole lot of ball busting excellent pantyhose videos. Grab promo tools from the admin area and let your pantyhose surfers know when they can happily part with their hard earned cash asap.
06.11.2008 New site added to the program, GaysFuckGuys.com

Following tremendous success of GaySissies.com, today we add new “questionable” gay site to the program, say hi to our brand new, stylish and audacious, sexy and provocating GaysFuckGuys.com. Exploring the topic of sex between gay and straight guys from every possible angle, often to the point of being mocking, but still sensual and erotic, our new site will surely be a gulp of fresh air for your gay surfers who’re tired of seeing same boring and repetitive stuff they mostly get to see nowadays. As usually, it’s not going to be hard to cash in on our new project, just grab promo stuff from our admin area and start making bank right now.
28.10.2008 New site just launched, DickyBitches.com

DickyBitches.com is a great new shemale site with video (mostly HD) content. Full set of promo materials is available, visit webmasters admin zone to grab them.
14.10.2008 New site just released, KissMatures.com

As many of you know, mature women having sex with young girls is probably the most requested, best converting and best selling topic in the entire mature niche. Now we have one more such site, say hello to our brand new sparking and shiny KissMatures.com. With this site we outperformed ourselves and made a site that is even better than our well known bestseller GirlsForMatures.com. There is no doubt KissMatures.com is going to also sale great for many years to come, so reserve best places at your sites for this brilliant new blockbusting masterpiece from FerroCash team. All necessary promo materials are already available in the webmasters section, you can start promoting KissMatures.com right now.
30.09.2008 New site added to the program, LickNylons.com

LickNylons.com is an excellent addition to our family of both lesbian and nylon sites. Designed in a style proven to convert like crazy, filled with really outstanding content, LickNylons.com is your great chance for fast easy money. All promo materials are already in place, you can grab them in our webmasters admin zone.
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